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Rainmaker - 2021 accomplishments

February 07, 2022 09:30 AM Eastern Standard Time

MIAMI & LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Rainmaker Securities, a leader in the secondary market for shares of late-stage private equity issuers, today announced its 2021 highlights, a momentous year marked by significant growth, industry disruption, and leadership in secondaries trading. In addition to growing annual revenue by over 60% in 2021, the company saw a 75% increase in transaction volume compared to the previous year. Rainmaker also grew its team of experts by nearly 25% and its broker network to over 60 partners worldwide, as the company expanded its global footprint to provide access to investment in late-stage private companies. 2021 highlights:

  1. Grew annual revenue 60% year-over-year

  2. Recorded a 75% surge in transaction volume; productivity per rep increased 46% year-over-year

  3. Increased headcount by nearly 25%, growing its team of experts to serve its rapidly growing clientele

  4. Expanded global footprint with over 60 broker partners across the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific

  5. Demonstrated industry thought leadership with weekly research and market commentary in mainstream media

Despite the continued challenges posed by the global pandemic, Rainmaker made great strides in 2021 as it won significant market share and capitalized on the growing client demand for private securities transactions. The company recorded a whopping 60% uptick in revenue compared to 2020 and a 75% increase in transaction volume across its platform. The growth, driven by a 46% rise in productivity per individual Rainmaker representative, included outsized contributions by representatives Greg Capello, Jack Richardson, Michael Grenier, Brent Lawrence, and Chad Garcia.

Glen Anderson, Co-Founder and President, said, “At Rainmaker, our clients rely on our team’s deep financial and technology expertise to help them capture the immense potential opportunity in the private markets. This year’s massive transaction volume and expansion are not only signals of the increasing demand for an advanced platform that provides liquidity in a traditionally illiquid market, but also demonstrates the valued and trusted partnership we have cultivated with our institutional and individual clients globally.” Co-Founder and Managing Director Greg Martin added, “Our accomplishments in 2021 are a testament to our vision and dedication to delivering an exceptional platform that gives global investors access to high-growth companies in the private markets. We are thrilled with the incredible adoption of our platform over the past year, and we are well positioned to continue this momentum into our next phase of growth, which will see more partnerships with brokers worldwide and enhanced services to our expanding customer base.” Rainmaker further invested in its private market expertise, growing its team of bankers, advisors, and analysts by nearly 25% in 2021. Looking ahead, the company plans to aggressively add more talent to provide its global clientele high-touch service and advisory capabilities. With its growing network of over 60 broker partners around the world, Rainmaker expanded its global reach to span the US, Europe, and APAC. In the US, the company counts offices in Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Silicon Valley. Rainmaker also demonstrated significant industry thought leadership, publishing its weekly Late-Stage Secondary Market News, to bring education and analysis on late-stage companies to the public, and comprehensive equity research reports to its clients. Additionally, Rainmaker’s executive team became a trusted voice on the private and public markets in the mainstream media, with appearances and commentary in CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, Fortune Magazine, Barron’s, Cheddar, and more.

About Rainmaker Securities Rainmaker Securities, LLC, a leader in the secondary market for shares of late-stage private equity issuers, is a FINRA registered broker-dealer and SIPC member. Rainmaker Securities is engaged by its clients to connect buyers and sellers of securities of high-growth private companies. Its platform provides additional liquidity within the traditionally illiquid marketplace for shares of late-stage private companies, helping buyers address the information problems, restrictions, and transparency issues characteristic of transacting in private securities, and helping sellers achieve liquidity for assets otherwise difficult to value and sell. Rainmaker provides transaction structures designed to create liquidity, including special purpose vehicles, hypothecation, and direct transfer of securities. For more information, please visit

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