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Private Equity in Sports. Media. Entertainment

At AXIS Capital Markets, we specialize in global debt placement and secondaries for VC and PE-backed companies.

The pace of growth in content distribution platforms is far outstripping content creation. Just fifteen years ago, Netflix was just launching its video-on-demand service, but today there are over 300 different streaming services with a global subscriber base exceeding 650 million.

In 2022, the music recording and publishing industry generated $32 billion in income, creating a potential market worth nearly half a trillion dollars for investing in content as intellectual property, characterized by growth potential and returns that are not correlated with other assets.

However, a challenge exists due to a shortage of high-quality content to meet the demands of these distribution platforms, as content creation struggles to keep up with their capabilities. The Carlyle Group reports that despite this, there is a continuing demand and well-capitalized investors with the necessary resources and expertise to navigate complex deals can identify valuable opportunities within the sports, media, and entertainment content ecosystem.

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